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At JLA Research, we offer a new and unique style of in-depth research with the right mix of knowledge, expert skills, tools and personnel to enable us to take the pulse of a target market. We gather the opinions of individuals who either use or do not use certain products and services to gain insights into consumer trends and deliver valuable feedback to our clients.


As a participant there is the potential to be compensated for your input and you can take pride in the fact that your opinions will be heard and they will make a difference, improving products, services, and brand imaging based on your feedback.

Join one of our research panels, taste tests or surveys with the potential to earn cash and help companies big and small improve by voicing your opinions.


As our client, you will receive relevant, accurate, reliable, valid, and current information direct from the consumer participant. We dig deeper – for fresher insights, for underlying decision-making patterns and create highly individualized research projects to fit your needs.

Let us establish a fresh approach to get to the preferences, attitudes and behaviors of your consumers through a taylored research study that suits you.

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